“How to Protect &

Recover Your Wealth”


Mr Vikash Jain, co-founder &

director of Share Samadhan Pvt Limited




There are Lost/ Forgotten / Scattered or blocked Investment in Old Physical Shares , Unclaimed Provident Fund, Unclaimed  Insurance, Postal savings , Corporate fixed deposit and inoperative bank accounts. 


You all will be surprised to note that the value of physical investment papers including unclaimed investment in the country is more than Rs 3 Lakh crore.


Have you thought any professional  help in recovery such huge sums.


SIA has invited Mr. Vikash Jain, who is an expert on the subject. He will share tips on subject and introduce his profession agency.


You may expect the following outline in the session:

·         What is Unclaimed Investment?

·         Why so much Unclaimed Investment in the country

·         Lights on some lesser known facts about  Investments

·         Preventive measures to Protect Wealth

·         Recovery of Lost / Forgotten Wealth

·         Transfer & Transmission of wealth

·         Overview on Debtor recovery


Join an informative packed interactive learning session on 10th February, 2018 at 15:00 hrs at Danudyog Sahakari Sangh

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Atul R Shah


Date : 10.02.18


Timings : 03:00PM TO 6:00PM  


Faculty : Mr. Vikash Jain





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